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Good morning!
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Author:  MrPing10 [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Good morning!

luckythelab wrote:
Polarbear wrote:
MrPing10 wrote:
Hey !

We've two common points ! We're young and we plays guitar ! :D

What style of music do you play ? And you play for a long time ?

Cordially ;)

Awesome! :D

I play lots. I play in a Reggae band, I play metal/hard rock, folk, country, blues etc.

I've been playing nearly 3 years now.


Ah cool! What guitars do u got? :D

I play since I was 20, so ... 4 months and a half :D
And I play ... a lot of things ! For beginners obviously. But I play a few minutes everyday (I try by the way x) ).
But since I know more bar chords, I like even more playing it.

Currently I learn to play "Gates 22" from Pascale Picard (I almost know playing it !), I don't know if you know this singer. And "Another brick in the wall" too (it's harder :D ).
One day I would like to play "Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree", but this song has a difficult technic I think ...
And otherwise I know playing french songs (for example, "Tryo", do you know it ? Or "Axelle Red" ? xD )

And in the next months I want to buy an electric guitar. I tried to play on friends' ones and I really love the sensation.


luckythelab, I have an Walden Natura G630CE, it's in my signature :D

And you Polarbear, what's your guitar ?

Author:  Polarbear [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Good morning!

I have...

A Dean ML 79. for trade/sale.
Squier Strat.
Columbus series 3 super strat.
Fender Newporter 2 acoustic.


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