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KT's Birthday Present 2006
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Author:  Fish [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  KT's Birthday Present 2006

Hello All......Firstly i want to thank everyone who has contributed to this present for KT.
Ok the final price was £69....i took care of the extra charge for special quick delivery. there is 49 people so thats £ 1.40 each....not too much i hope.

Anyone who is on the list can give me the money at Manchester gig on Wednesday (if i see you),
anyone going to Wireless can give the money to Nat & she can foward to me.
All others i will put a post up at end of week as to how you can forward money to me.

Photos of gift will be posted soon & hopefully photos of KT receiving it
will also be posted at end of week.

Again a Big Thank You to Nat for offering to take gift down to London
& another Big Thank You to Megs for organizing the meeting with KT & her management
so they (Megs & Nat) can give KT present.

The professional gift has KT's name on it, the constellation name, the Star name, the occasion (Birth date) & a message to KT from us,
all framed etc as per picture on other thread.
(Hopefully this is what we'll see in the photos later this week)

I have done an extra cartoon picture / card (that you all gave me weemees for) to show KT the members of the
Tunstallation Nation that have contributed to her gift, Megs & Nat will also give to KT.....Hope you like it.
(the background pic is the telescope at St Andrews Observatory)

P.S....if i have spelt anyones Forum name wrong please please tell me by
tomorrow night.

Thank You.....i'm sure KT will love the gift. :-D


Nat wrote:
Guys.. :shock:

Just went to take photos of the stuff for you, and I noticed that the frame with the picture of her star in it is actually broken.

I SWEAR I did not break it! I didn't look at it properly last night. It's broken at the corner, you can kind of see it in the pic and its obviously really noticeable (top right hand corner):
So what I can do is either try and glue it back together. Or, run out and buy a new frame. What do you think?

Heres the rest of it.


Inside the box is the message (ill post it later) and:




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