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 Post subject: The Big Interview: KT Tunstall (Yorkshire Post)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:43 am 
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Article published some hours ago, during her visit to York.

It's too long, i chose the best parts and put them into groups:

The Big Interview: KT Tunstall
By Sarah Freeman
Published on Sunday 6 November 2011 21:00

The last time KT Tunstall was in Yorkshire, she found herself in the kitchen of Bishopthorpe Palace. It was two days before Christmas, the sun had not even risen and the Archbishop of York was cooking up a plate of banana fritters. The doors of the palace had been thrown open to Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show team and Tunstall provided the musical entertainment. After sampling the fritters, she and the Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield performed a rendition of Fairytale of New York in the Great Hall as a pair of reindeer were paraded around the snow-covered front lawn.

“As gigs go, that was pretty much as surreal as it gets,” says Tunstall as she prepares to head back to Yorkshire. This time it will be for an altogether more subdued affair as she embarks on an acoustic tour. “I was prepared for it all to be quite serious and very religious, you don’t expect an Archbishop to be force-feeding you banana fritters at 7am in the morning.”

(Quotes about her trip to the Arctic):

“There is always a worry that if you go away for that amount of time, you’re never going to come back, but at the same time I couldn’t wait. I’d been on the road for years and I don’t really write when I’m on tour so new material had become a bit of a problem.

“That trip to the Arctic was brilliant and awful at the same time. The idea was that you take a group of musicians to this wonderful place and each of them will be inspired artistically by what they see. Unfortunately, I had one of my worst gigs ever out at a place called Uummannaq. I just felt like a fraud. I didn’t want to be on stage. I had never felt like that. My confidence was at an all time low and I knew I had to get back to what had turned me onto music in the first place.”

(About music business and Shakira controversy):

“When I first started it was a very male scene and I was the chick with the guitar. It was great to be signed to a label, but I had never gone in search of fame and having a few years experience under my belt definitely helped. I knew what I was prepared to do and what I wasn’t.

“Since I’ve been making records things have changed so much. Some of the change has been for the better and artists like Adele have really raised the profile of female singer/songwriters. Getting into the music business is not easy, staying in it is even harder and as a young woman it’s extra challenging.”

Tunstall is not an artist who has much time for the fripperies of the music business. She’s never had a stylist, laughs when asked whether her label has ever had any involvement in her image and has been very vocal at the use of sex to sell records. Last year when she accused Colombian singer Shakira of exploiting her sexuality, Twitter went into overload, most of the posts telling Tunstall to keep her thoughts to herself. She’s no puritan and says the Shakira debacle was blown out of all proportion, but don’t expect to see her posing for Playboy any time soon.

“It strikes me as very odd for someone to think, ‘you know what if I put on a bikini, I may shift some more records’, but it happens. If people are comfortable with that, then fine, but it’s not something that would ever cross my mind. I write songs, I play a guitar and that’s it.”

(Quotes about TS):

“I see a tiger in the back garden and go outside to stroke it,” she says. “When I go back inside, I’m completely seized by the fear I could have been killed.

“Over the years I’ve come to think that it’s me disguised as the tiger, it’s me wearing a tiger suit.

“This album was about rediscovering the confidence to do what I felt was right for me musically. The only way you survive in music is if you make something that excites you and that you want to play.

(Other quotes):

“Going away travelling was incredibly liberating. What I realised was I’m still feral. I’ve always felt a bit feral. As a kid I was always wanting to be outside in bushes or in a tent. I always wanted movement and adventure.”

“It was just me with a guitar when I started out, so in many ways it feels like I have come full circle. I’ve been on the road with a band for the best part of 10 years so I guess it will be a little strange, but there’s a part of me that’s really excited about going out on my own, plus I get to play different venues. In Yorkshire I’ll be playing the Grand Opera House which I’ve heard is a fantastic venue.”

“I never feel 100 per cent confident, if I ever did I suspect the next time I looked my whole life would have fallen apart.”

Full article: ... _1_3940013


 Post subject: Re: The Big Interview: KT Tunstall (Yorkshire Post)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:56 pm 
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