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Glitch (digital clicks) in IECM iTunes deluxe, Track 15
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Author:  Christopher [ Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Glitch (digital clicks) in IECM iTunes deluxe, Track 15

Really enjoyed my first listen through to IECM tonight, thanks KT & all involved for another fab record. Digging the decidedly different approach to all aspects of the album. Continuation of the eco CD packaging is a nice touch, photography makes me want to visit Tucson!

As Virgin's still choosing to favour those digital downloaders over us CD-owning physical-media nutjobs, I had to snag the two deluxe tracks from iTunes.

Listening to Track 15, "Never Be the Same Again" (second bonus iTunes track) unfortunately there's an audible technical error at 2:24. It sounds like one of three possibilities: either a skip's made its way through the mix and into the final master -- or the track was ripped into iTunes Producer from a badly burned CDR -- or the machine ripping it had a 'moment'. If the master was sent to Apple direct through Transporter... in that case who knows how it was ripped!

Hopefully someone at V can contact the studio & the label rep and push corrected audio for this... seems a shame to not get it fixed.
Spectral of skip (very audible at 2:24 in both channels, the nastiness is right in a nice quiet bit)


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